The Turtle Takes Off on August 6th, 2011

The Turtle, my 1981 Toyota Sunrader Mini Motorhome, will be taking me on an almost 8,000 mile journey to Glacier National Park and beyond. Wish us luck and tailwinds!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Boogieing on Bulwagga Bay, NY, Hanging out on the Hudson, Gorgeous George, and Laconic Lake Locust

 Lake George, NY  Near Hague
 Lake Champlain, NY , Port Henry at Bulwagga Bay Campground
 Bulwagga Bay, Port Henry, New York
 Olana, Home of Frederic Edwin Church, Founder, Hudson River Art School
Lake Locust State Park, Pennsylvania

Mid September is a quiet summer's end, an interlude, a floating and sinking feeling. What would I give to hang on to its softness? Would I delete my winters, my springs, the coming fall? It's the changing of the guard, that's all.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tinting, Tenting Tonight in the Kaaterskills

 Hudson River Valley at Stony Point, NY in a purple haze.
 Tenting tonight, tinting tonight during the War of Independence..the blue of red,white and blue
 North Lake Campground, Catskill Mountains, New York above the Hudson, green camping

A play on words, playing around, no color TV, high contrast to the mundane campsite.Tampering with nature which is after all what the Hudson River Art School did, I came to this realization after seeing some of the actual scenes in the Catskills.  I like the original name better: Kaaterskill,

Harvest Moon at Sleepy Hollow, NY

It's not time for the headless horseman, and  Rip Van Winkle is awake. This moon greets me during a sleepless night while camping near the Hudson River in New York. Not far from New York City and Nine Eleven. Harvest and upheaval. Horror and Amnesia. But I hang there in the moonlight forever harvesting hope. Remembering and Forgetting. Slide shows.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beartree Campground, Mt. Rogers National Recreation Area, Virginia

Labor Day bike, kid and dog parade at Beartree Campground, not far from the Virginia Creeper bike trail near Damascus, VA.

 The Turtle's awning and a tarp make a quick outdoor room..
Rain in the early morning hours stopped in time for coffee...
The rhododendrons made a cozy outdoor camping space for The Turtle and I.
At the end of the trail, I spied a Walden-like pond. End of August and already fall.
Good omen for the beginning of my journey towards the Hudson River Valley and the Adirondacks.
Toad in the hole for breakfast and off to a good start to Roanoke, VA

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Okefenokee Boating Party

This $15.00 I won't forget. The best spent plans oft go astray, but today I floated by the land of the trembling earth, swirled up some marbled memories, dipped my heart in the romance of the Seminole, listened to stories of stills that could be floated into the next county when the law came, feasted my alert eyes on alligators and turtles out to warm themselves, snapped photos of tick seed sunflowers with a springtime attitude, flew with the white cranes alighting in cypress moss.
Yes, a jolly group as ho ho as Santa. It all blended together in perfect three part harmony. Stories, the swamp, the tourists. Getting away from it all into the wilderness. That was my New Year's Celebration. Happy Turtleing to all and to all a good 2014!

Turtle's Seranade (Ode to Pogo)

Swamp lullaby, sung in a sort of spooky setting... low down and high as moss...swinging in the moonlight...sets me down south where I belong...

Okefenokee Bliss

One fifteen dollar boat ride and a walk on the swampy side and I find I am not the only creature that enjoys the Great Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge. So comforting to know turtles and alligators are protected and basking in the late December sun on their own preserve. There they can perhaps persevere. The Turtle takes lessons from them.